Paint and fabric protection are key to protecting your investment, whether you have a motor vehicle or a mobile home.

Paint protection guarantees no paint fade, protection against UV rays, bird lime and other air borne gases.

Fabric protection guarantees that there will be no staining from spilt drinks and other liquids.

Here at Princes Valeting & Detailing, I have searched and investigated many different paint and interior protection systems to find the best protection for your vehicle, whether it be a car, van, minibus, caravan or motorhome.

I am pleased to tell you that I can now offer you the best protection and care for your investment. Having the protection applied not only makes cleaning and maintaining your vehicle easy, but will also help to maintain your vehicles value.

Protection can be applied at most main dealers prior to collection or at your home for your convenience.

Your vehicle will be protected from the damage caused by UV rays and every day pollution.

Interiors of vehicles are protected against common spills.