Paint Correction

Paint Correction is a process used by professional valeters and detailers to remove swirl marks, oxidation, paint fade and other paint defects to enhance your vehicles paint work.

This process can be achieved on any vehicle from cars to trucks, caravans and motorhomes.

Having your vehicle’s paint work enhanced removes swirl marks, oxidisation and paint fade, leaving you with an ultimate clean, crisp shine on your vehicle.

You may wonder why your vehicle has swirl marks, oxidisation or paint fade in the first place.

Swirl marks are commonly associated with incorrect wash methods, rotary car washes and cheap car washes.

Imperfections in paint are caused by every day element pollution in the air. Bird lime droppings and tree sap are just a few of the reasons your vehicle paint work won’t be looking its best.

Paint fade is caused by direct sunlight on your vehicles body work. Without having your vehicle protected with a paint protection system, it’s inevitable that your paint work will eventually fade.

Here at Princes Valeting & Detailing, all of the above problems will no longer be an issue. With my paint correction and enhancement package, your vehicle will look as good as it did the day you got it.

After all of the work is complete, you can arrange to have your vehicle professionally maintained by us to keep the high level of standard on your vehicle.


How I Achieve The Ultimate Finish


Step One

Vehicle washed

Degreaser is applied to lower half of the vehicle and left to dwell and then rinsed

Wheels / alloys cleaned with acid free cleaner

Vehicle is then sprayed with snow foam and left for 10-15 minutes and then rinsed

Wheel arches and door shuts cleaned

Vehicle will now be extensively  washed by hand using a ph neutral shampoo

In between all stages the vehicle is towel dried

I will inspect your paintwork prior to commencing using specialist lighting then

using specialist equipment I will take paint thickness measurements from your vehicle

The whole vehicle will then be clay-barred to remove all bonded contaminants

Final stage hand washed again, then rinsed and towel dried


Step Two

The vehicle will be masked up using body shop tape

Your vehicle will then be machine polished using the correct pads and specialised polishes

To enhance paint work, remove swirl marks and paint defects

The vehicle will then be wiped down to remove any polish left in the paint

To prepare the vehicle for final finish (wax or sealant)


Final stage

We will discuss a sealant of your choice to seal your vehicle

Sealant will be then added to all your vehicles paint work including door shuts

Exhaust tips polished

Wheels will be polished and have sealant applied

Windows cleaned, polished and protected

Tyres and plastics dressed


Time taken is depending on your vehicle’s paint work. The process can take anything from two days plus

Prices start from £200